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About Us

About Us

My passion for motorcycles started at a young age. Growing up in Thunder Bay I turned my attention to salvaging and rebuilding any type of small motor I could get my hands on. I started racing in the CMA’s at the age of 15 for T&S Sports Kawasaki and got the opportunity to race and travel all across Ontario. We were not well off so I began to buy my motorcycles crated from Japan. I then would spend all my time building the motorcycle. I vividly remember assembling our KX125s and KX250s. I very quickly familiarized myself with the ins and outs of motorcycles. That’s where my love for everything Kawasaki grew from.

Vintage Kawasaki was born from my frustration of not being able to find parts for my motorcycles. There was a shortage of parts at dealers and they didn’t have time for guys like me looking for vintage parts to repair our bikes. Vintage Kawasaki has been 15 years in the making. I began with buying out old dealer inventories in search of my parts. To date we have acquired approximately ten dealerships and counting. Inventory listed on the site is about 1/3 of what we actually have stocked at Vintage Kawasaki. .

Here at Vintage Kawasaki we are constantly offering you more parts which are being made available on our website monthly. We have a variety of reproduction parts and are launching new services for our customers and their vintage needs. Keep checking in with us to see what’s new and exciting at Vintage Kawasaki!