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1.Why are all your prices American if you are based out of Canada?

The majority of our inventory is bought from US dealers/ sources and therefore is kept in American currency.

2. When will my parts ship after I place an order?

Typically, within 48 hours. If they are any issues the customer will be notified.

3. How do I search for parts? And are used parts available for purchase?

In order to search for parts you must have an OEM part number. To obtain an OEM part number you can reference your parts manual for your bike. If you don’t have a manual you there are sources online that you can reference.

If you are looking to purchase used parts you can contact us through the website to inquire about availability.

4. How do I go about returning my parts?

  1. If there is error on our part we cover return shipping and shipping of the correct part
  2. You will need to wait for a confirmation email saying it is okay to return the correct part
  3. You will be issued a return number
  4. Parts must be in original packaging
  5. If parts are ordered in error by the customer there is a 20% restocking fee
  6. Electrical parts you cannot return
  7. Once the part is received you have 15 days to return

5. Do I get insurance and tracking with my orders?

If the service is selected upon check out then you will receive the service. If you are unsure about the options please contact us for clarification.

6. Will Vintage Kawasaki alter purchase values for customs declarations?

We won’t alter values as it is against the law. All purchases will be converted into Canadian dollars due to CRA and Canada Post regulations.

7. Why are my shipping charges so high?

Canada Post calculates its prices based on volume. Any over charge will be reimbursed to the customer. In rare circumstances there may not be enough postage in which you will be contacted for approval. You can go forward or cancel the order.

8. How To Reset Forgotten Password?

  1. Click on Forgot your Password?
  2. Enter your registered email address.
  3. You will shortly receive an email with your new password.
  4. Use your new password for login.

Note:-If you do not receive any email from us please check junk folder or junk item of your mailbox.